Infocounters are available here:

  • Foyer Entrance East, Tel. +49 40 3569-6399
  • Foyer Central Entrance, EG, Tel. +49 40 3569-6599

Facilities for people with disabilities

You can find disabled parking spaces for 3 EUR per day (subject to availability) via:

  • Gates B1 and B4 / St. Petersburger Straße
  • Gate B5 / Bei den Kirchhöfen
  • Gate A3 / Lagerstraße

Disabled toilets are available in:

  • Hall B1 UF
  • Hall B2 UF
  • Hall B3 GF/UF
  • Hall B4 UF
  • Hall B5
  • Hall B6
  • Hall B7
  • Foyer South UF
  • Central Foyer GF/UF

Lifts suitable for people with disabilities are located in Halls B1 and B3 and in the East Foyer.

Hamburg Messe und Congress House Rules