International ArchitectureForum 2018

Architecture – A Reclamation for the City

If you look for the conditions for a positive development of cities – in a social sense, it is clear that the greatest possible diversity is required for their cultivation. One essential condition is the importance of building culture: Buildings, public spaces as well as the infrastructure form the basis for the existence and identity of cities. Dealing with the planning and construction per se yields the ultimate outcome. The exact consideration of the context, the subtleties of the built environment and social environment and their history are crucial for the planning process.

Architecture can and should be the link between the needs of the urban society for buildings and the differentiated adaptation of the buildings into the life of people. The International Architecture Forum 2018 explores throughout the world current examples of architecture and urban development, which characterize our life (together) in a special way. Over three days, famous international contributors present state-of-the-art projects and discuss what possibilities for the development of human society they open up.

International Architecture Forum

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