International Architecture Forum 2016

City in Motion – Architecture for the city

The city is the cultural and social engine of social development. It also radiates out into the landscape. In a state of constant transformation, our built environment always reflects the condition, the needs, the diversity and the potential of society. The organism of the city requires a structural and spatial basis. Thus new architecture and ensembles – from the opera house to infrastructure to the public space and residential units – form new constellations, which attempt to do justice to the demands of the people. The International ArchitectureForum 2016 traces current examples of architecture and urban planning worldwide in which this succeeds in a special manner. Over the course of three days, prominent international speakers will show state-of-the-art projects and the possibilities they present for the development of human society.

We look forward to exciting lectures and presentations, among others Julia B. Bolles-Wilson, Bolles+Wilson, Münster; Peter St John, Caruso St John Architects, London; Anna Popelka, PPAG Architects, Wien; Moritz Auer, Auer Weber Assoziierte, Stuttgart; Torstein Koch, Jensen & Skodvin Architects, Oslo; Ellen van der Wal, Mecanoo, Delft.

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