Hall B3.UF, Booth 130

The TechnikPark has also become an integral part of the GET Nord trade fair. Once again, apprentices at all levels from the HVAC sector have the chance to test their skills. A range of small tasks from the entire spectrum of system mechanics and plumbing wait to be solved.

[] GET Nord TechnikPark


Hall B4.UF

Apprentices prove their know-how
At PowerPark, the lane of workshops at GET Nord, apprentices’ talent is wanted – hands-on utilisation of new technologies and systems awaits you. Numerous exhibitors offer product-centred tasks for solving. Whether it is systems for building technology or communication, installation products or applications from the area of automation, all the tasks are hands-on and ready to be solved with savvy thinking. The participants at PowerPark are rewarded for their successful solutions with a personal certificate from the manufacturer.

[] GET Nord PowerPark