Presentation of the German TGA Award

In November 2020the „GERMAN TGA-AWARD“ will be awarded.

This is the national award for TGA planners and manufacturing companies of the building services sector who have distinguished themselves through outstanding commitment for a sustainable future in our industry.

The GERMAN TGA-AWARD is awarded in several categories. 
Outstanding new construction and renovation projects as well as innovative concepts that go beyond applicable legal minimum requirements and the state of the art and set new standards are awarded because they are particularly energy and / or water-saving, work economically and in every respect sustainably or break new ground in digitalization.

Whether new construction or modernization, whether single-family or multi-family houses, educational institutions or industrial buildings, public buildings or hotels - none of them can do without innovative technical building equipment! The planning services of the TGA engineering offices play a decisive role, but also the diverse and innovative products and systems of the manufacturing HVAC industry, with which the projects can only be realized.

Germany is to be climate neutral by 2050. However, this will only be possible if energy is saved in all areas of life or largely obtained from renewable sources, if heat and power grids are decentralized, the electricity, heat and mobility sectors are coupled and the overall systems are digitized. A climate-neutral building stock is possible - even if global warming drives up the energy requirement in the area of ​​building cooling. More efficient building technology also means efficient ventilation and air conditioning solutions. The need for heating and drinking water heating must be reduced further - for example through multiple use and intelligent control. But integrated approaches are also needed in the water and wastewater sector, as the drought summers of recent years have shown.

To create sustainable building technology, planners and industry have to think in terms of systems and operate in cycles. Energy and heat losses, wastewater or production and construction waste may no longer be an option in the future. Whether energy or material, everything can be reused several times and returned to the cycle in networked processes.

In the interaction of the individual building technology components, building automation is becoming increasingly important. Intelligent measurement and control technology ensures transparent monitoring, the building management system combines the components into systems.

The winners will be recognized at the GET Nord trade fair on 19th November 2020 in Hamburg.

GET Nord, the only joint trade fair for electrical engineering, sanitation, heating and air conditioning in the north takes place every two years in Hamburg and has become a top event in the industry.
At the three-day trade fair, almost 600 national and international exhibitors present a unique range of products, systems and services from the field of building technology.

GET Nord attracts architects and engineers, planners and consultants, builders and trades, students and trainees. GET Nord thus forms the right framework for the awarding of the GERMAN TGA-AWARD.

With the magazine "Moderne Gebäudetechnik", partners from the fields of technical building services planning, housing management, business associations and associations as well as from industry stand behind the price. GERMAN TGA-AWARD will be awarded for the fourth time in 2020.